Increase Revenue with InTag’s New Features

Infolinks' InTagWe’re continuing the streak of innovation from May when we introduced InFold, by bringing you brand new InTag features. We’ve made it stronger and better than before. With more options for customization and placement selection, the new InTag is bringing in even higher revenue. Choose from even more options, giving you added control and higher earnings.

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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Email Marketing Effective

Infolinks Guest Blog Post

Email marketing is an important part of any marketing campaign. Unfortunately it’s often left out of the plan as newer tactics are thought to be more important, such as social media. But a marketing campaign should be full and leave no stone unturned. The power of email marketing shouldn’t be over looked. We welcome this guest blog post to tell you how you can make your email marketing campaigns more effective.

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Site of the Month: The Thrifty Couple

Infolinks Website of the MonthWith the current economic state, it’s motivating to see people succeed at putting their money to good use. The Thrifty Couple was able to pay off a large debt fairly quickly and decided to share their success story by opening a website with do-it-yourself tips, financial tips, kitchen tips, sales and more. While their financial advice can help you save money, the story of how they built their website can help you with your site or blog.

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Facebook Apologizes for Social Experiment

Facebook apologizes for social experimentThere’s always something new happening at Facebook, from its appearance to user engagement tests. Whether they’re changing the look of the newsfeed or trying out new products, it seems there is always something we need to keep up with. Infolinks gathered the latest Facebook news so you’ll have it all in one place, including why its COO apologized to users. Continue reading

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The Scoop on Panda 4.0

Google Panda 4.0 UpdateThe latest Panda update by Google has been shaking up the SEO world since its introduction a few weeks ago. SEO professionals were surprised to learn that even the biggest and most well-known websites were affected by the update. Read on to see what the main changes are, if your site could have been impacted and what you can do to improve your outcome in search results.

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Infolinks Website of the Month: AncientFaces

If most of the internet is about being updated with new information about what is going on right now, some of the most important and successful sites out there are the ones that help us connect and learn more about our past. Such is the case with this month’s award winner AncientFaces, that “creates a visual picture of our shared past through the collaborative effort of the online community”.

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Website of the Month

Optimize Your Site for the World Cup

World CupThis month marks the beginning of the World Cup, something soccer fans have been waiting for since 2010. The anticipation of the Cup makes it a big deal to fans around the world. During the World Cup, hundreds of millions of fans will be searching for, reading and watching the tournament online. What does this mean for you? It means it’s time to optimize your site for all this traffic.

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Introducing InFold: Extending the Power of Intent

InFoldInfolinks is always looking to improve our product performance by staying on the cutting edge of advertising solutions. That’s why we are happy to announce that our newest product, InFold, based on our successful InSearch product, is live and already bringing in high results for our publishers and advertisers.

Check out how this Infolinks publisher gained a 2.5X increase in revenue from InFold, with Ad CPM’s going up by as high as 180%).

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Video Marketing Lessons From a Pro

Video marketing pro tipsOnline video marketing is a relatively youthful industry, and within that, we at MWP Digital are professionals. After eight years of working with thousands of business clients, we’ve learned important lessons worth sharing. If you run your own business, you will find this post useful as we outline the key points we think you should spend your time and money on, when using video in your marketing strategy.

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Infolinks’ Take on Secure Search and More

Infolinks' Spring ConferencesConference season never ends in the advertising world. With technology advancing every day, ideas are continually being generated – making conferences necessary for sharing, exploring and brainstorming. Infolinks recently participated in two such events, spreading our knowledge on secure search and the adverse effect of using old data to run an advertising campaign.

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