How to Get Some High Quality Super Bowl Traffic

SuperBowl49_EMR0100a_2014_SCC_SRGBSuper Bowl Sunday is almost here. In just a few days (Feb.1), the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will face off in the most watched television event of the year with more than 110 million viewers watching. But the Super Bowl is also a huge online event with millions of people searching, tweeting and talking about their favorite team, game day recipes and halftime commercials.

That’s why we want to help all of you Infolinkers join the party and get some high quality traffic by optimizing your site for the event. How? By knowing what people will search for in the days before and most importantly during Super Bowl XLIX, all of you can plan your content accordingly in order to grab all these searching users.

What Will People Be Searching for in Super Bowl XLIX:

  1. Recipes

Yes. For all of you who might not know, the Super Bowl is considered the national cooking and house party day of the year, with Super Bowl recipes and food among the most trending of all search queries according to Google Trends of last year’s event.

Super Bowl Traffic Trends

Yahoo also released data last year saying that Super Bowl Appetizers searches went up by 585% during the week before the game.

Recepioes 2

  1. Kickoff date/time

Surprisingly so, last year the NFL’s site didn’t say anything about the start time of the game and so the page with last year’s start time showed up on the second page of results. Making the NFL’s site miss out on a lot of traffic, considering the fact that a lot of people were searching that exact question last Super Bowl.

pic 3

  1. Commercials

The Super Bowl commercial have become almost as famous as the game itself, with one major difference: The buzz around them starts much before the Super Bowl XLIX kickoff, and will last after the event as well. Stay up to date in AdWeek’s “big game 2015” section and check out the top trending commercials that have already been released on YouTube.

Pic 4

  1. Half Time Show(s)

Last year’s show by Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers saw them trend to #1 and #4 on Google that day. This year’s half time show will be done by Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz. Another addition to the half time party will be YouTube’s first ever own half time show featuring more than 20 YouTube creators and musicians with over 60M combined subscribers.


  1. Celebrities/Players/Coaches

People search on their phones almost any face they see; it’s as simple as that. From the players, coaches and commentators to the celebrities in the commercials, people will be searching, tweeting and posting about them before, during and after Super Bowl XLIX.


So, How Can You Make the Most from Super Bowl XLIX?

1. Create relevant content

Write about the relevant brands, commercials, celebrities and apps according to your niche. Have a DIY, hobby, home or food website? Give your readers tips for game day themed parties and dishes. The name of the game is finding your angle to the conversation.

2. Play with your Headlines

We know everyone is going crazy with ‘clickbait’ headlines these days, but when aiming at high volume search traffic, be sure to use some ‘old school’ SEO tactics like mentioning the huge brands and stars in your content as people will be searching for those names.

3. Ride the #Hashtag Buzz

Super Bowl XLIX will be a huge Twitter event, expected to beat last year’s record braking 25.3 million tweets during game time. During halftime, more than 300K tweets were sent per minute about the show and commercials. The name of this game is #hashtags, with 57% of all super bowl ads last year mentioning an official hasthtags. Find out what hashtags brands will be using and take part in the conversation in real time.


4. Optimize your earnings with InScreen

Now that you are all set to get some high quality Super Bowl XLIX traffic, make sure you monetize your efforts to the max with Infolinks’ new InScreen unit. Still in beta, InScreen is an interstitial ad unit that appears in between your website’s pages when activated by one of three triggers:

  • When a user enters your site
  • When a user switches from one page to another inside your site
  • When a user leaves your site via an external link or the back button

In order to activate InScreenclick here and choose which ad triggers you want to run and you are good to go!

Looking to better monetize your site? Drop us a note via Twitter and Facebook or just visit our website and join!

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10 Free Blogging Hacks That Will Save You Time

ThumnailThe life of a publisher is one of constant multi-tasking. One second you are brainstorming ideas for interesting content, and the other you are improving SEO and page load time. The name of the game is productivity; and the way to achieve this is through easy to use apps, plugins and sites that can help any publisher save time and money hacking his way to success.

 That’s why we here at Infolinks want to help all of our 125K partnering publishers save valuable time and become more productive and successful publishers. How you ask? by providing you with these 10 awesome free blogging hacks to help create and improve content, design, SEO, social/email and BI (business inelegance).

10 Awesome Blogging Hacks

10 Awesome Blogging Hacks and Tools:


Hubspot Blog Topic Generator:

Marketing automation giants Hubspot offer several super useful free tools for bloggers and publishers. One of the coolest and most easy to use tools is their automatic blog topic generator. With the HubSpot tool, you can enter three keywords and get five title ideas for content.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer:

Once you know what you want your next post to be about, it’s time to choose the right headline that will make people click. CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer was built after the company analyzed more than 1 billion post headlines to build an easy to use grader that rates headlines according to word count and balance, headline type and keywords sentiment.



Death to the Stock Photo

Any blogger or publisher knows how frustrating and time consuming it can be to find images to go along with your posts. With ‘Death to the Stock Photo’, every month you will receive an email with links to a new collection of free, high-res lifestyle photos. The site offers a premium subscription as well to be able to access and search its full archive.


In the past you would need expensive image editing software to make eye-catching graphics for your blog. Canva, offers a library of pre-made drag and drop templates and assets that you can manipulate while also adding your own imagery. This makes it easy for anyone to make images for your blog posts, social media graphics, presentations and Infographics.



Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

Rated the #1 SEO WordPress plugin, Yoast can help you fine tune your idea and post into a specific keyword or phrase as well as give a step-by-step guide of what you need to do to improve your post’s SEO. This is done by giving you a color grade of each parameter, with your overall goal to turn all of the different categories into green.

Quicksprout SEO Tool

Founded by online marketing guru Neil Patel (of KissMetrics), this easy to use tool analysis your (and any three competitors you choose) site’s SEO, social and site speed score. This in-depth tool gives you specific basic and advanced recommendations to improve your score, as well as best practices of your competitors for you to learn, and implement.


Social & Email


MailChimp is one of the biggest and best (and free) ways to send email to your list of contacts. You can set up automated campaigns that deliver each new post that you write, or you can create campaigns from scratch. MailChimp offers free accounts for those with fewer than 2,000 contacts in their list and more than reasonable plans for advanced users.


Once you have finished writing and publishing your blog post, Buffer helps you set up an easy sharing schedule. With Buffer you can schedule your new article to go to your social channels multiple times with different headlines or images attached to each update so you can always A/B test your copy, time of posting and image selection.


BI (Business Inelegance)

Marketing Grader:

Another great free tool from Hubspot, the marketing grader sends you (via email) a custom report about how your website’s social media activity, mobile responsiveness, blogging activity, email marketing, lead nurturing, and analytics. Marketing Grader also outlines what particular steps you need to take in order to improve your site.

Similar Web

Maybe the most advanced free BI tool on the web, Similar Web provides traffic and marketing insights for any website. The tool provides users with a quick overview of a site’s reach, ranking and user engagement. Similar Web transforms raw data into engaging and insightful website metrics, including traffic sources, organic versus paid search, social traffic, related sites, and more.


*Monetization (Bonus)


Now that you have saved time with these great blogging hacks, published great content and improved your site’s speed and SEO, it’s time to start making more revenue from your site! With Infolinks you can generate a new revenue stream from your site’s unused ad space with our smart intent-driven ad units that are fully compatible with all of your other standard display ad solutions.

Do you have any more blogging hacks to recommend? Read on to see if it’s included here in the list, and drop a note via Twitter and Facebook or just visit our website and join!

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This year’s summit focused on the leading industry trends for 2015 such as programmatic buying and large scale video marketing with dozens of companies from all parts of the industry presenting their unique solutions.

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